Fine Art

A variety of drawing, painting, and other creative skills are the basis for creating exciting work on the Fine Art course. You will experiment and develop work using a range of materials which will enable you to produce fresh, exciting art pieces that challenge your own preconceptions and ideas. You will work in a broad range of mediums, from traditional drawing to painting, print, mixed media and photography, to textiles and sculpture. A broad study of a range of artists, designers and illustrators will enrich and inspire your own creative practice. At the end of the year, students exhibit their work in our Art & Design show at The Lightbox gallery in Woking. In the Autmn term on one evening a week, we run a life drawing class. This will help you improve your drawing skills and overall ability to interpret and record what you see through different media. Woking Art Department believe that every student has the potential to be creative in a personal and meaningful way; by choosing this course you will embark on the journey to become a fully functioning artist.

What skills will I develop?

This course provides a rich opportunity for you to develop your creativity through experimentation and the exploration of a wide range of materials and techniques. 

You will build on the skillful use of the formal elements introduced during a six week induction project. You will be encouraged to draw and paint from observation, learn print making techniques, sculpture processes and photography. This provides you with a visual language to express your own personal lines of inquiry.

You will learn how to investigate the work of other artists and make links with your own personal and creative output.  Students are also encouraged to take part in art enrichments such as Life Drawing.

What topics will I study?

Component 1 - Coursework: Art & Design Coursework  incorporating two linked elements (Portfolio & 1000-3000 words - 60%)

  • Section A: Generating practical work, ideas and research from primary and contextual sources.
  • Section B: Supporting study based on a selected topic (1000-3000 words)

Component 2 - Examination: Art & Design Externally Set Exam (15 hours - 40%)

  • Section A: Respond to a stimulus to produce work which portrays the ability to research and develop ideas & link between personal and external work

Where does the course lead?

The majority of students go on to study on a one year Foundation course at an art college. They can then progress to a degree course in Art. In recent years some degree courses have been accepting our students without the Foundation course, but this remains the exception rather than the rule.

Alternatively, students can combine Art with another subject at University for a career in architecture, theatre design or drama, for example.

Exam Board


Head of Department

Emma Hobbs

Entry Requirements

Five grades 4-9 (or equivalent 4+) including at least a grade 4 in an Arts subject.

Assessment Breakdown

Coursework = 60%, Examination = 40%