Excellence Programme

Excellence Programme Leaflet click to download)

We make sure that our most talented students are given every opportunity to achieve their potential and to progress to the University of their choice. All teachers challenge students to produce work of the highest quality and, in many subjects, undergraduates from Surrey University act as coursework mentors to stretch the most able.

An Oxbridge co-ordinator runs a successful programme to support those students who wish to make applications to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In addition to the outstanding careers support which all students receive, those students wishing to apply for medicine, law, journalism and engineering follow extra-curricular courses, designed to significantly enhance their applications.

In the Performing Arts, Art and Sport outstanding students are given subject specific support and assistance with their applications to Higher Education.

We have been able to construct personalised timetables to allow students who need to attend national training camps or additional professional tuition to pursue their goals with minimal disruption to their learning. A number of AS Courses such as Critical Thinking, Science and Art History are available to provide challenging and stimulating additions to students’ programmes and the Duke of Edinburgh and World Challenge schemes give all students the opportunity to develop as young leaders.

Extended Project (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification is an independent research project - your opportunity to gain a qualification in whichever area of interest you choose, anything from a hobby to a future career. The final product can take whichever form you think is right. The EPQ involves students taking on independent learning and has teachers acting as supervisors, providing guidance rather than teaching content.

The EPQ is extremely valued by universities as it demonstrates passion and ability in a particular subject.

For past projects, Woking College students have submitted animations, dance productions, extended essays and videos. This is a great chance to expand your knowledge, pursue your interest and improve your university applications.